Romantic Butterflies Patterns

Now we are inserting a new feature: Photoshop Patterns. We hope we can always come up with beautiful and useful patterns for you, as well as we do with Photoshop Styles.
Romantic Butterflies are cute and can also be used as a background in websites. There are a lot of different patterns on this pack (20 patterns and original images)

  Fairy Glitter Styles

Pixie (Fairy) Glitter Styles have a perfect word to describe them: MAGIC! Can be used on text or any other image. You'll have styles to every kind of thing.

USD $4.99

  Really Shining Colors Effect

Make terrific works with these sensational shining effect styles for Photoshop CS3 and above.
It's easy to download, just pay using "Paypal" and it will link you to the file.

  Renata's Gel Styles

These gel styles create incredible real effect. It gives a sensation of touchable images.

USD $4.99

  Noble Glitter

Noble Glitter Styles are so fantastic, they're so pretty and you can do whatever you want with magic! It's noble, beautiful, elegant and so forth.

USD 4.99

  Really Shining Colors Effect 2 (Shining Effect Styles 2)

The second version of "Really Shining Colors Effect".
Now the colors are shining even more!!!

  Transparent Color Glasses

Transparent Color Glasses Styles are the most perfect glass alike styles there is. I'm completely sure you'll enjoy them!

USD $4.99

  Cute Fabric Styles

These cute styles were inspired by the cutest doll clothes. Need I say anything else?

  Colorful Metal

Colorful Metal has an young and beautiful metal looking!

  Coloring Gel

Coloring Gel styles are a beautiful collection of different colors of realistic gel appearence styles.

  Ornamental Glasses II

The second version of Ornamental Glasses.
These Photoshop Styles have realistic glasses looking... Use your imagination.

USD $4.99

  Colorful Drops

Simulate realistic colorful water drops with these fun styles.

USD $4.99

  Ornamental Glasses

These styles simulate glasses.
Use and abuse. I'm sure you'll enjoy them a lot! This pack contains 30 incredible styles.


USD $4.99

  Chritmas Ornament

To celebrate Christmas with "styles" we have created this Photoshop styles that reproduce perfectly tree ball ornament.

USD $4.99

  Transparence Mode (Balloon Effect)

Incredible colors and a smooth visual allowing you to create beautiful shapes and buttons.

USD $4.99

  Sweet Baby Themes!

I have created these styles through a dream I had certain night, and they turned out exactly the way I imagined. In my dream Microsoft had created a OS with flowers and cute things for girls and they were made with these beautiful styles:


  Acrylic Styles

Acrylic styles simulate realistic acrylic material. In various colors of choice.

USD $4.99

  Ice Styles

Ice styles are perfect for simulating ice in Photoshop works. With different tones of colors the ice image you create will look similar to a photography. Also use different brushes to create realistic ice effect.

USD $4.99

  Smooth Plastic

Smooth Plastic style is like those plastic bag we love wrap things with, very useful huh?

USD $4.99

All Photoshop Stuff, including styles, patterns, and gradients, on this site belong exclusively to Renata's Designs.
Each of the presets has its own unique price: USD $4,99 for Photoshop Styles, USD $2,99 for Photoshop Patterns and USD $1,99 for Photoshop Gradients.
All the packs contain the respective Photoshop preset, a sample, and a "READ ME" text with a short description inside of a .RAR file. Learn how to extract .RAR files here. Any doubt or comment fill this form or email me.